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40 students
time duration: 75 days

about course

3 month Duration

Learning to use MS Publisher 2016 has never been this simple. Our video tutorials quickly and thoroughly walk you step-by-step through all aspects Publisher offers.Microsoft Office Publisher 2016 is a desktop publishing software application capable of producing greeting cards, certificates, newsletters, and other printed publications. Publisher includes a large collection of templates that provide a great way to start a new publication. Publisher offers a large selection of "building blocks" that can be dragged into your documents, helping you to create page elements such as calendars, newsletter sidebars, and borders.

Course Objectives

  1. In this course, you will create, format, edit, and share publications.
  2. You will: Perform basic tasks in the Microsoft Publisher interface.
  3. Add content to a publication.
  4. Format text and paragraphs in a publication.
  5. Manage text in a publication.
  6. Work with graphics in a publication.
  7. Prepare a publication for printing and sharing.